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Get Found (how to)

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Congratulations, you have invested in a great website for your business with slick, professional photos of your work, testimonials, descriptions of your service, a tantalizing "call now" button and a link to your Instagram profile and facebook page: well done!

Your web designer has optimized your site for both mobile and desktop viewing and your Homestars reviews are linked too. So why are people not calling? Before you pay thousands of dollars for a radio ad or sign up for the bells & whistles Houzz membership, press pause and take stock.

Hidden behind the the question "why are people not calling?", are some really important questions that need answering, here are just a few:

* What are your top 3 lead sources?

* Do your web images have alt-text that match your company's key words?

* What's your value proposition?

* Is your NAP (name, address, phone #) consistent across all online directories?

* Who is your ideal client and why should they choose you?

* What is your ranking on Google?

Many business owners only have a vague idea of the source of their leads but it's really just a guess because they don't track this valuable information. Alt-text using keywords is an important, but surprisingly under-utilized tweak simply because people don't know about it. NAP and Google ratings are somewhat mysterious and might sound like a money-grab to you, mentioned by marketers by the hundred. Besides you may feel more comfortable with "spray and pray" advertising like print or radio because it's familiar to you and you figure you get what you pay for.

We get it, building and quoting and making your customers happy takes a lot of energy, but the fact is, there could be a lot more people calling you if you just took care of some basic business administration, customer service and marketing.

We are happy to speak with you about outsourcing these important tasks to a reliable and experienced virtual assistant service. We take care of your behind-the-scenes business matters so you can focus on what you do best.

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