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Social Media - Why Is It So Important?

This week I realized that many business owners have a vague idea that they need to have a presence on social media in order to survive. People to there to connect socially and improve their lives. But how can your online presence turn into revenue for your business? There are different levels to be aware of.

Level 1: Know that to play the game, 2-way communication is what it's all about: sharing relevant content and engaging with potential customers who relate or connect to your brand will increase your visibility so that people can know, like and trust you (often before hiring you, they will check out your social media profiles).

Level 2: Because of stiff competition in the North American market, brand visibility sits around 3% of followers of a business page on facebook. Instagram algorithms work differently because of the use of #hashtags. If you want people to see your posts and stop the scroll, things get more strategic. Instagram, facebook and google allow businesses to promote their posts, and by doing so, they turn into ads. Once an ad is created, it's performance can be tracked and measured and help the advertiser to understand what resonates with which audiences. The more ads you do, the more you learn, and the better your future targeting will be.

Level 3: To go another step beyond basic advertising, you can create a group on facebook to really engage and get to know your ideal customers. This is a private "room" where you can engage on a 1:1 level with people who opt in to join the group. Live videos are popular here, and true followers often like to tune in at the same time every week to get their "fix", and engage in real time with the owner of the business. A major time commitment is needed for Level 3, and many businesses are just not prepared for that, however it's a great option for growing an audience. For contractors, I highly recommend that you join your local facebook group. In my town it's called "Newmarket What's Happening" and local business owners are allowed to post their offers and respond to posts where local people are looking for the services they provide. The time commitment of joining a group is much less that running a group, but I propose you set aside 15 minutes a week to engage there: you never know what work may come of it!

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